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YouTube TV Supported Devices: Smart TVs, Streaming Players, & More

Before signing up, it is best to make sure the devices in your home work with YouTube TV.

YouTube TV is compatible with a variety of smart TVs, streaming players, and devices in general. However, not all devices will work with the live TV streaming services, with age often playing a major role in determining support.


YouTube TV is a newer live TV streaming service compared to some others, although it has quickly risen the ranks to become one of the most popular. It, along with Hulu Live TV and Sling TV currently occupy the largest market shares, with YouTube TV understood to already be serving more than three million subscribers alone.

While price, channel selection, and the number of streams are all variables that determine whether a service is suitable for an individual or household, devices can also play a major part in the decision-making process. After all, if you can’t actually stream the service on the devices available, then what’s the point in paying for the service in the first place?


YouTube TV directly on a smart TV

Compared to some other services, YouTube TV is readily available on smart TVs. One of the reasons for this is that many smart TV models now come running on Android TV. With Both Android TV and YouTube TV being Google products, the overlap in support between the two is fairly rich. As a result, pretty much any TV that’s powered by Android TV will be able to download the YouTube TV app from the Google Play Store and start streaming.

Android TV aside, YouTube TV is also available on other platforms as well, including Roku and Fire TV. Due to this, most smart TVs powered by Roku OS or Fire TV Edition TVs will also support downloading of the YouTube TV app. Likewise, some third-party proprietary TV operating systems will also be able to download the YouTube TV app from their respective app store.

Smart TVs compatible with YouTube TV:

  • Element Fire TV Edition smart TVs
  • Hisense Smart TV: Models MTK5658, MTK5659, MSD6586
  • Insignia Fire TV Edition smart TVs
  • LG smart TVs: 2016+ models only
  • Roku smart TVs: all models
  • Samsung smart TVs: 2016+ models only
  • Sharp Smart TV: select models
  • Sony TVs: select models
  • Toshiba Fire TV Edition smart TVs
  • Vizio SmartCast TVs: all models
  • Westinghouse Fire TV Edition smart TVs

YouTube TV on streaming players

Regardless of TV make, model, or brand, one of the easiest ways to start streaming is through the use of a third-party streaming player or box. These devices range in price from cheap to expensive, but open up an existing TV to support even more apps and features, including YouTube TV.

Again, as YouTube TV is available in app form and through Android TV, Roku, and Amazon Fire TV, the options for streaming player support are varied. In fact, Google recently added its own first-party hardware solution to the streaming player market with its Chromecast with Google TV. In many ways, this device is actually built with YouTube TV in mind and will integrate live channels with the rest of the available content in a much cleaner way than on other streaming players.


Streaming players compatible with YouTube TV:

  • Apple TV (4th generation & 4K)
  • Chromecast: all models
  • Chromecast with Google TV
  • Fire TV Stick (2nd Gen & 4K)
  • Fire TV Cube
  • Roku 2 (4210x)
  • Roku 3 (4200x, 4230x)
  • Roku 4
  • Roku Express/Express+
  • Roku Premiere/Premiere+
  • Roku Streaming Stick (3600x and newer models)
  • Roku Streaming Stick+/Streaming Stick+ HE
  • Roku Ultra/Ultra LT
  • Roku Streambar
  • Roku Smart Soundbar
  • Xiaomi Mi Box

Update May 6: While Roku devices are listed above, there is currently a dispute between Google and Roku over YouTube TV. Due to this, subscribers with the YouTube TV channel already downloaded on a Roku device can access the service, but YouTube TV cannot currently be downloaded on Roku players or TVs.

Other options for streaming YouTube TV

Although smart TVs and streaming players are likely to be the best options for watching YouTube TV at home, they are not the only ones. Instead, subscribers can also opt to use their mobile devices, including smartphones, games consoles, or even standard web browsers to access and stream live TV.

YouTube TV main
Source: YouTube TV

Of course, while devices like Android phones and iPhone are supported, there are some limitations which mainly come down to the operating version. Although, anyone on a newer mobile OS version should find they have no issues downloading or launching the app.

YouTube TV additional device support:

  • Android phones: 5.0 Lollipop and above
  • Android tablets: 5.0 Lollipop and above
  • iPhone: iOS 11 or later
  • iPad: iPadOS 11 or later
  • Microsoft Xbox
  • Xbox One, Xbox One S, Xbox One X
  • PlayStation 4, PS4 Pro, PS5
  • AirPlay for Apple TV
  • Google Smart Displays
  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox

YouTube TV supported devices summary

Overall, YouTube TV carries wide device and platform support. As a result, most consumers should not find it too difficult to identify a device that can access and stream live TV channels and on-demand content through YouTube TV.

This is not a finite list, but the current list. Therefore, there’s a chance that any device that’s currently unsupported could gain support in the future. In the meantime, whether looking to stream on Android TV, Apple TV, Roku, Fire TV, smart TVs, games consoles, or a browser, YouTube TV is ready.

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Updated May 6, 2021


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