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YouTube TV: All the Premium Channels & How Much They Cost

If the base YouTube TV package is not enough, there are additional premium channels you can add.

YouTube TV offers subscribers a variety of premium channels to help further expand the channel lineup and selection. As these are premium add-ons, they do cost an additional amount each month and the price varies depending on the network. However, knowing which premium channels are available through YouTube TV before signing up, can help to make the decision on whether this is the right live TV streaming service, and provide some clarity on how much a more robust package will ultimately cost.


Unlike some of the other live TV streaming services currently available, YouTube TV does not offer a selection of plans to choose from. Instead, there’s only the standard YouTube TV plan, priced at $64.99 per month. Without any other plans and packages available, subscribers have no choice on what channels they have accessed to. Put simply, whatever’s in the $64.99 plan is all YouTube TV offers.

That is unless a subscriber adds a premium network. Generally speaking, there’s not any financial benefit to subscribing through YouTube TV, as the price is typically the same. However, by combining billing and having the premium network integrated within YouTube TV, subscribers get an easier to manage and richer experience overall.


Premium networks available through YouTube TV

In total, YouTube TV currently offers 15 premium channel add-ons. Although, two of those are technically the same, and one of them is more of a package that provides access to a selection of sports-focused channels.

YouTube TV premium channels list:

  • AMC Premiere $5 with 5-day free trial
  • Acorn TV $6 with 5-day free trial
  • Cinemax $9.99 with 7-day free trial
  • CuriosityStream $3 with 5-day free trial
  • Epix $6 with 5-day free trial
  • Hallmark Movies Now $5.99 with 7-day free trial
  • HBO $14.99
  • HBO Max – $14.99 with 7-day free trial
  • NBA League Pass $39.99 (or $249 per year) with 7-day free trial
  • Showtime $11 with 5-day free trial
  • Starz $9 with 5-day free trial
  • Sports Plus $10.99 with 7-day free trial
  • Shudder $6 with 5-day free trial
  • Sundance Now $7 with 5-day free trial
  • Urban Movie Channel $5 with 5-day free trial

Premium network free trials

As noted above, pretty much all of the premium networks available through YouTube TV also come with a free trial. This can be a great way for new and existing subscribers to test out a premium network and see if it is right for them before having to pay. However, similar to how the standard YouTube TV free trial works, subscribers will need to be proactive in canceling the additional subscription before the free period ends..

The one exception to the free trial rule is HBO. Although that’s less likely to be an issue considering YouTube TV also offers the option to subscribe to HBO Max at the same price. With HBO Max loaded with far more content than the standard HBO subscription, it is easily the best HBO option to go with.

Speaking of which, HBO Max is a great example of one of the added benefits of choosing to add a premium channel to a live TV subscription, instead of subscribing to the premium network directly. For example, HBO Max recently dropped its free trial completely, forcing new subscribers to immediately pay upfront and before having an opportunity to test the service out. In spite of this, HBO Max through YouTube TV comes with a seven-day free trial.


YouTube TV’s Sports Plus add-on

Besides offering NBA League Pass, YouTube TV also offers a Sports Plus add-on. This is different to the others as it does not provide access to one network or channel, but many for the one price.

YouTube TV’s Sports Plus includes:

  • Fox College Sports
  • Fox Soccer Plus
  • GOL TV
  • Motorsports Network
  • NFL RedZone
  • Stadium.
  • TVG

The Sports Plus add-on can be a great way to instantly add a sports injection to a YouTube TV subscription, with the price set at $10.99 per month.

YouTube TV premium network summary

YouTube TV subscribers can currently choose betweem 15 premium channels, although two of those are HBO and one is a Sports Plus channel pack that provides access to a variety of sports channels, including NFL RedZone. As these are premium networks, none of them are included with the $64.99 base subscription and will require the subscriber to pay extra. The price ranges from $3 for CuriosityStream to $39.99 per month for NBA League Pass.

All of the premium networks, except basic HBO, also come with a free trial. Similar to the price, the length of the free trial varies depending on the network, with the most typical lengths being five or seven days. Similar to when singing up to the YouTube TV free trial, subscribers will want to make sure then cancel before the trial ends, if they want to avoid paying the premium network’s additional monthly cost.

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