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How Much YouTube TV Costs & What You Get in Return

The base YouTube TV subscription costs $64.99 per month. Here’s everything you need to know about the price of YouTube TV.

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A YouTube TV subscription currently costs $64.99 per month. For the price, subscribers gain access to more than 85 channels, an unlimited cloud DVR experience, and more. However, that’s only the cost of the base subscription and with YouTube TV providing access to a number of paid premium add-ons, the actual cost could become far higher.


YouTube TV is one of a few live TV streaming services now operating in the United States. These services differentiate themselves from traditional cable and satellite TV services by focusing on a streaming approach to the delivery of TV channels into homes. Due to this, subscribers benefit from greater and more varied device support, the lack of the need to rent or purchase additional hardware and overall, a lower monthly outgoing for their TV consumption.

The one and only YouTube TV plan

Unlike some of the other live TV streaming services, YouTube TV does not really offer consumers much choice in terms of the base plan. For example, Hulu offers four differently priced live TV bundles, while AT&T TV NOW lets consumers choose between its Max and Plus main plans, which mainly differ in the number of channels included with the subscription.


In contrast, YouTube TV has only ever offered one subscription option, now priced at $64.99 per month. Although this means that consumers have less of a choice on negotiating a better price for themselves, it does mean that there are no compromises in the experience. Everyone who signs up for YouTube TV pays the same amount each month and in return, gains access to the same channel lineup, the same features, and the same subscription.

YouTube TV streaming
YouTube TV offers access to live TV channels

Popular features included with a YouTube TV subscription:

  • Unlimited cloud DVR storage
  • Wide device and app support
  • 3 simultaneous streams
  • 6 accounts per household
  • Personalized watch recommendations

However, that is just when it comes to the base live TV subscription as consumers do have the option of padding out a YouTube TV plan with additional premium channels.

YouTube TV premium networks

Like other live TV streaming services, YouTube TV offers subscribers the opportunity to combine additional premium networks with their main subscription. In reality, adding one doesn’t make a premium network any cheaper to access. For example, while consumers can bundle the subscriptions together, there is no cost benefit in doing so. The same premium network is likely to cost exactly the same amount regardless of whether it is assessed and paid for through YouTube TV or not.

YouTube TV multiple devices
YouTube TV comes with wide device support

One of the main benefits of adding any premium network to any live TV streaming subscription is the ease of only being billed once. Instead of having to manage multiple different subscriptions through multiple different services, the consumer can pay the one single amount each month, on the same day, to the one company. In this case, to YouTube TV.

As is to be expected, the different premium networks are priced differently and through YouTube TV range in price between $5 and $15 per month. As a result, adding all of the premium networks to a YouTube TV subscription will dramatically increase the overall monthly cost.

Premium networks available through YouTube TV:

  • Acorn
  • AMC Premiere
  • Cinemax
  • CuriosityStream
  • EPIX
  • FOX Soccer Plus
  • HBO Max
  • NBA League Pass
  • Showtime
  • Shudder
  • Sundance Now
  • UMC

YouTube TV price increase history

While no one likes price increases they are a reality in streaming. In fact, they have become much more of a reality in the last few years due to the emergence of a greater choice in services, many of which have had to increase their prices as their own costs have gone up. YouTube TV is not an exception to this as the service has seen its own fair share of price increases over the years.

YouTube TV Price increase
YouTube TV price increases over time

Due to this, the current $64.99 subscription price should only be considered the price for now and subscribers should be aware that it could go up at any time, any by any amount. For reference, when YouTube TV first launched in early 2017, it was priced at just $39.99 per month. Therefore, the standard subscription has increased in price by $25 since launch, and that’s a higher rate of increase than many other live TV streaming services.

YouTube TV price increases since launch:

Feb. 2017$34.99
March 2018$39.99
April 2019$49.99
June 2020$64.99

How much is YouTube TV summary:

Overall, a standard YouTube TV subscription is priced at $64.99 per month and with only one base plan available, subscribers have no option to reduce the monthly price. However, subscribers can opt to pick from a variety of premium networks and add them to their base package at an additional cost per month. The cost of adding a premium network depends on the third-party service and can cost as much as $14.99 per month.

Although the overall cost of a YouTube TV subscription is high, compared to other live TV streaming services, YouTube TV has proved to be a popular option thanks to its advanced features, including unlimited cloud DVR and a personalized experience overall.

YouTube TV free trial

YouTube TV offers interested consumers the option to test out the service prior to committing to monthly payments. However, the free trial will require the consumer to sign up for the service, including handing over payment details in expectation of the free subscription converting to a paid plan. At present, the default free trial is for seven days, although throughout the year YouTube TV routinely offers an extended 14-day free trial instead.

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