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Switching to Keep YES Network? Here Are Your (Limited) Choices [Updated]

The options are not great, but they are still options.

YouTube TV and Sinclair Broadcast Group have agreed a new deal, although it does come at a cost to YES Network. As a result, those specifically interested in streaming YES Network will need to consider other options. Unfortunately, the list of choices are not great, and will most likely result in a higher monthly cost, compared to an existing YouTube TV subscription.


While it had remained unclear over the last week whether any of the Sinclair-owned channels would remain on YouTube TV, that question has now been answered. Following the agreement of a new deal, 19 of the 21 Fox RSNs will remain accessible through the Google-owned live TV service. However, YES Network was separate to that deal, and terms to maintain access were not agreed. Due to this, YES Network has now been removed from YouTube TV, and it is unlikely to return.

Making the situation worse, there’s not much in the way of choice when it comes to accessing YES Network through other streaming services. Essentially, there are only two live TV streaming options available and both are likely to result in a higher cost.


Hulu Live TV is probably your best bet

Hulu live Marvel
Hulu Live TV includes Hulu Originals

Arguably, the best option to go with is Hulu Live TV. The service now controlled by Disney still has access to YES Network. However, with the price starting at $54.99 per month, this service costs more than the $49.99 per month YouTube TV subscribers currently pay.

If you also happen to subscribe to the standard Hulu subscription, then this changes things a little, considering basic Hulu is included in the Hulu live package at no extra cost. With this subscription typically costing $5.99 per month, YouTube TV subscribers (who also subscribe to Hulu basic) will find they roughly pay the same each month by upgrading Hulu to live TV.

Update: YES Network was removed from Hulu Live TV on October 23, 2020.

There’s always AT&T TV NOW

HBO multiple devices
AT&T TV NOW includes HBO

The only other option is AT&T TV NOW and this is where things are likely to get even worse. Besides the fact that everyone seems to be leaving AT&T TV NOW, it is far from being the cheapest live TV streaming service around. Adding to this, YES Network is only available through AT&T TV NOW when opting for the premium “Max” package, costing $80 per month.

If you already happen to be a subscriber to both HBO and Cinemax, then the situation is not quite as bad, considering both of these are included in the Max plan at no extra cost. However, making this switch will also mean you have to stay subscribed to those premium networks to make sure the cost remains compatible.


To recap: If you are looking to access YES Network through a live TV streaming service now that YouTube TV has dropped the channel, the only option currently available is:

  • AT&T TV NOW Max: $80 per month (HBO & Cinemax included).

Updated: December 13, 2020


By John Finn

John started Streaming Clarity to help consumers navigate the live TV streaming and subscription service landscape. John has been writing about technology and TV-related services and devices since 2014 and believes the best streaming approach is to bounce between services as needed. Contact John via email at or on Twitter

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