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How to Watch NESN Without Cable (as Cheap as Possible)

You can watch NESN without cable, although you will still need a live TV streaming service and the options are limited.

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NESN is currently available to watch through AT&T TV and fuboTV without cable. The New England Sports Network is one of the channels that’s become increasingly harder to stream online recently, but there are still options available. However, they are not exactly the cheapest.


With access to New England sports, including the Boston Red Sox and Boston Bruins, NESN is a popular option. However, with consumers increasingly choosing to move away from traditional cable and satellite packages to streaming, the options to tune in to NESN have become fewer over time.

Neither Hulu Live TV or Sling TV provide access to NESN and while YouTube TV did, Google’s live TV streaming service dropped NESN at the end of October 2020. This was only weeks after YouTube TV also dropped access to various Fox RSNs. As a result, the current options for streaming NESN mainly come down to fuboTV and AT&T TV.


Cheapest way to watch NESN

The cheapest way to watch NESN without cable is fuboTV. The company’s plans start at $65 per month making it the most affordable way to access New England sports. Besides NESN, fuboTV also provides access to a wide variety of sports channels and networks in general, as well as entertainment, news, and more.

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fuboTV plans start at $64.99 per month

Subscribers will only be able to access the New England Sports Network if they are in the NESN home television territory. If signing up to fuboTV outside of this designated area, the subscriber will gain access to a different selection of local channels and regional sports networks, based on the ZIP code.

Other options to watch NESN

Besides, fuboTV, the only other real option for watching NESN without cable is AT&T TV. AT&T recently merged its AT&T TV Now service with its AT&T TV option. As a result, the current cheapest plan available through AT&T TV (on a no contract basis) is $69.99 per month. However, that plan does not include NESN.

Those looking to sign up to AT&T TV will need to go with the service’s Choice plan as this is the cheapest option that includes access to regional sports networks. At $84.99 per month this is a more expensive option compared to fuboTV, although, this plan does also include HBO Max. Therefore, if a consumer already pays for HBO Max on a monthly basis, that might help to offset the initial cost – with the live TV side of the service totaling around $70 per month.

Similar to fuboTV, AT&T TV will only be an option for NESN for those based in NESN’s home television territory area. Again, trying to subscribe to AT&T TV outside of this area will result in access to different local channels and sports networks.

Watching directly through NESN

In addition to accessing live channels through a live TV streaming service, consumers do also have the option to stream directly through various network websites and apps. This is also the case with NESN with both the website and app offering the option to watch live.

However, this still requires users to have an active live TV subscription as the consumer will need to sign in with their live TV credentials to authenticate access. In addition to the various cable providers, NESN only allows consumers to sign in using fuboTV.

Likewise, the same situation is in effect for the NESN Android and iOS apps. As a result, those looking to log in and stream NESN either through the network’s app or website will want to consider fuboTV over AT&T TV.

How to watch NESN without cable summary

Since YouTube TV removed NESN from its channel lineup, the options to watch NESN without cable have been reduced even more. Right now, AT&T TV and fuboTV are the only two real options for watching NESN through a live TV streaming service.

Of the two, fuboTV is the cheapest opinion making it the best for those looking for the most affordable way to watch NESN. In addition, fuboTV subscribers can also log in and watch through the NESN app and website using their fuboTV credentials.

While AT&T TV is more expensive, the Choice plan does also include HBO Max which may make it a better option for any consumers that are also currently paying for HBO Max and plan to continue doing so throughout the year.

Regardless of whether opting for AT&T TV or fuboTV, consumers will need to be located in the NESN home television territory to be able to watch New England sports, including the Boston Red Sox and Boston Bruins.

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