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TVision Vibe: How Many Devices Can Stream at the Same Time?

TVision Vibe costs just $10 per month. Here’s how the low price affects the number of same-time streams.

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TVision Vibe subscribers can stream on up to two devices at the same time. This limitation is largely irrespective of device, although subscribers are likely to find that they don’t have access to two simultaneous streams when attempting to watch on a TV set away from home.

TVision Vibe is a new streaming service from T-Mobile and one of its main selling points is the price. TVision Vibe only costs $10 per month but includes access to live TV channels, as well as on-demand content. However, as this is a low-cost live TV streaming option, the channel lineup is limited compared to other services, including T-Mobile’s TVision Live plans.

Understanding how many streams a service offers before signing up can help to ensure there are no issues later on. Regardless of the price or the channel selection, if TVision Live does not provide enough streams for an individual or household, then an alternative service might be a better solution.

TVision Vibe simultaneous streams

TVision Vibe allows subscribers to stream on up to two different devices at the same time. Two same-time streams is a little less than what other services typically offer, but when factoring in the monthly cost, the fewer simultaneous streams becomes more understandable. For example, while Philo provides access to three streams at the same time, it also costs $20 per month.

Besides competing services, TVision Vibe’s simultaneous streams limit is also less than the number of streams offered by TVision Live. As a result, simultaneous streams is another difference between the various TVision plans, along with the price and channel lineup.

TVision Vibe Channels
TVision Vibe includes fewer channels

Although some live TV streaming services provide an option to upgrade to a greater number of streams, TVision Vibe does not. Due to this, anyone signing up to T-Mobile’s $10 plan will only ever be able to stream on up to two devices at the same time. In some cases, even that limit might not be available.

TVs & other stream limitations

As to be expected, there are some caveats that will affect the number of simultaneous streams for subscribers with the major one relating to TVs. TVision Vibe only allows subscribers to stream on different TVs at the same time when they are connected to the same home network.

Due to this, TVision Vibe cannot be used to stream live TV channels on TVs in two different homes at the same time. Furthermore, as T-Mobile has not defined exactly what it means by “TVs,” the rule might also apply to other living room devices, such as set-top boxes and streaming players. Besides the TV limitation, consumers should find they have no issues streaming on up to two mobile devices at the same time, regardless of the location.

TVision mobile app
TVision is available on Android and iOS

Another caveat to be aware of is that T-Mobile defines a stream as accessing any content available on the service. For example, while it should be expected that streaming a live TV channel will consume one of the available streams, so does watching any on-demand content, or videos that have been recorded via cloud DVR.

Therefore, if someone is watching a recorded show or movie then only one stream will be available for live TV access. Likewise, when this limitation is coupled with the previous one, then someone watching recorded content on a TV connected to the home network will lock TVs outside the home network from watching any on-demand, recorded, or live TV content.

TVision Vibe simultaneous streams summary

TVision Vibe allows subscribers to stream on up to two devices at the same time. This is less than many other live TV streaming solutions, including T-Mobile’s TVision Live plans. In addition, TVs, and possibly also living room devices in general, are further limited when they are accessed outside the home network while TVs are streaming TVision Vibe on the home network. Furthermore, the number of streams relates to watching any videos via the service, including recordings.

Although TVision Vibe’s simultaneous streams are less than what many competing services offer, this is a cheaper service than many others. At $10 per month, and with access to more than 30 live TV channels, the option to stream TVision Vibe on up to two devices at the same time is reasonable.

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