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TVision Live & Vibe Being Replaced with YouTube TV & Philo

TVision Live and Vibe plans are already coming to an end with T-Mobile offering discounted YouTube TV and Philo plans instead.

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TVision Live and Vibe TV streaming plans are already coming to an end with T-Mobile offering existing subscribers the option to replace them with a discounted YouTube TV and Philo plan instead. T-Mobile only launched its live TV services in October of last year, but it now seems as though the competition, along with the issues the service has faced since launch, have proved too much.


Technically, TVision had not actually launched. Although it is available, it is only existing T-Mobile customers that can sign up by adding the live TV service to their existing mobile package. The goal had been for the service to become available to all consumers in the U.S. in due course, but that plan has now completely changed.

T-Mobile has confirmed it is ending its various TVision plans. Due to this, TVision Live, Live+ and Live Zone will no longer be available to new customers. Likewise, the $10 per month plan is also coming to an end at the same time. The exact date that all of these services will close down is April 29, 2021.


While the company is removing the option for customers to add any of the TVision plans to their T-Mobile package, the carrier did also announce a new partnership with YouTube TV and Philo. Essentially, T-Mobile is now looking to offer a like-for-like live TV streaming experience to its customers, albeit through third-party solutions.

How the new T-Mobile deals works

Instead of offering TVision Live or Vibe, T-Mobile now offers existing customers the option to sign up to either YouTube TV or Philo with a $10 discount on the live TV streaming subscription. Essentially, this is an option for T-Mobile customers to sign up to YouTube TV for $54.99 per month (instead of $64.99 per month) or Philo for just $10 per month (instead of $20 per month).

In reality, this might end up being a much better option for existing T-Mobile customers. After all, TVision Live was still a very early service and a lot of things were just not working. With YouTube TV, they are getting a much better service and at a cheaper price than non-T-Mobile customers. Likewise, Philo is likely to be a better service at the same price that TVision Vibe was. However, this does also mean that anyone who is not already a T-Mobile customer should no longer continue to wait for TVision Live (or Vibe) to become available.

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