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Sling Total TV Deal: Every Add-on & Cloud DVR Plus Explained

If you want Sling TV with every add-on and extra, the Sling Total TV Deal is for you.

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The Sling Total TV Deal is a way for Sling TV subscribers to maximize their live TV package by gaining access to all of the add-ons, including Cloud DVR Plus, at a discounted price. It is an option suited to those looking for a Sling TV package with all the channels and extras. However, if cost is the ultimate reason for choosing Sling TV, then the Total TV Deal might not be the best option.

Sling TV is a cheap solution for those looking for access to live TV streamed over the internet. With plans starting at just $30 per month, and access to a variety of live TV channels, Sling TV offers good value overall. While the exact channel lineup depends on whether opting for the Sling Orange or Sling Blue plan, subscribers can save on the cost of a live TV subscription, compared to other live TV streaming services.

Live TV ServicesCost p/m
Slingfrom $30
AT&T TV NOWfrom $55
fuboTVfrom $55
Hulu Live TV$55
VidgoFrom $40
YouTube TV$65
How Sling TV prices compare

The downside is Sling TV is not just cheaper in general, but comes with access to fewer channels than many of the other options. To compensate, and account for consumers who want a more robust service, Sling TV offers an a la carte solution.

Sling’s a la carte channel shopping

While you can subscribe to either Sling Orange or Sling Blue, and even combine the two with the ‘Sling Orange + Blue’ package, some consumers may still find the channel lineup to be too limited. In this case, one option to improve the channel selection is to upgrade with add-ons.

Sling TV offers a number of different channel add-ons and although they are the same regardless of whether an Orange or Blue subscriber, they can differ slightly, due to Orange & Blue coming with different channel lineups to begin with.

Sling TV available add-ons include:

Add-onCost p/mOrangeBlue
Cloud DVR Plus$5
Sports Extra$10
Comedy Extra$5
Kids Extra$5
News Extra$5
Lifestyle Extra$5
Hollywood Extra$5
Heartland Extra$5
Sling TV Add-Ons

Adding these channel packs to a plan not only increases the channel selection, but also the price, and the more you add, the more the price increases. This is where the Sling Total TV Deal becomes important.

How Sling’s Total TV deal works

For those after the absolute best Sling TV package overall, that’s the Total TV Deal. Instead of subscribing to some of the individual add-ons, as well as the Cloud DVR Plus upgrade – which increases the cloud DVR storage limit from 10 to 50 hours – Sling allows subscribers to access all of the available adds-on, at a reduced price. Basically, the Sling TV Total TV Deal is all of the channels and extras available, excluding premium networks.

If a Sling Orange or Sling Blue subscriber was to individually subscribe to each of the add-ons, the total price would equate to $45 per month. This is on top of the $30 per month for the base live TV plan, bringing the overall total to $75 per month.

Sling Orange add-ons
Sling Orange and Blue add-ons

In contrast, the Total TV deal gives those same subscribers access to all of the add-ons for just $20 per month, on top of the base price. This takes the previous $75 total down to just $50 per month.

The same is true for Sling Orange + Blue subscribers. Without the Total TV Deal, Orange & Blue subscribers would be paying $45 per month for the base plan and then another $50 per month for the add-ons – the Sports Extra package adds an extra $5 this time. In contrast, the Total TV Deal results in an additional $25 per month, bringing the overall total to $70 per month for the base plan, all of the available add-ons, and Cloud DVR Plus.

Is the Total TV Deal worth it?

The value of the Sling Total TV Deal comes down to perspective. From a Sling TV subscriber point of view, this deal is worth taking advantage of. If you want the richest Sling TV experience possible then the Total TV Deal will add all the channels, and increase the cloud DVR limit, for $20-25 per month.

Popular Sling TV channels
Popular Sling TV channels

From the wider perspective, with the cost of a Sling Orange or Sling Blue subscription increasing from $30 to $50 per month, the overall cost is no longer cheaper than the competition.

When factoring in the Total TV Deal, Sling TV becomes similar in price to AT&T TV NOW’s Plus plan or Hulu Live TV. At the higher cost, some Sling TV subscribers may find they are better off spending those extra couple of dollars and opting for one of the other services.

For example, Hulu Live TV costs $5 more but also comes with the basic Hulu subscription included – valued at $5.99 per month. Therefore, any Sling TV subscriber who also subscribes to basic Hulu and the Total TV Deal may find a Hulu Live TV subscription better suits their individual channel and package needs.

Hulu live Marvel
Hulu Live TV comes with basic Hulu

The difference becomes even clearer for Sling Orange + Blue subscribers, as while they are getting the best of Sling TV at $70 per month, that’s a higher cost than many of the other live TV streaming services. Some of which are likely to be better-suited to the consumer’s individual streaming needs. For example, at $70 per month, consumers could opt for YouTube TV and its unlimited cloud DVR or even subscriber to Hulu Live TV and HBO Max.

Sling Total TV Deal Summary

The Total TV Deal can be a great way to add channels and enrich a current Sling TV subscription, although the increase in channels and premium cloud DVR comes at an additional monthly cost.

Sling PlanCost p/mTotal TV p/mTotal p/m
Orange + Blue$45$25$70
Total TV Deal Explained

Whether the increase is worth it, comes down to how relevant the additional channels are to the individual subscriber, and the need for more cloud DVR. In addition to, whether the price increase offers a better deal compared to the other live TV streaming services.

Live TV ServicesCost p/m
Sling Total TV Deal$50/$70
AT&T TV NOWfrom $55
fuboTVfrom $55
Hulu Live TV$55
Vidgofrom $40
YouTube TV$65
How Sling Total TV compares

The Sling Total TV Deal is just another option available to Sling TV customers and that’s the main takeaway. Sling TV is all about choice and while the price might not suit everyone, the option is there to add all the channels and increase the cloud DVR storage limit, for those who want it.

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