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Philo Free Trial: How Long, How It Works & What to Expect

Philo offers new users the option to try the live TV streaming service for free, and signing up for the free trial is quick and easy to do.

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Philo provides new users with a 7 day free trial. Anyone who hasn’t used the service before can take advantage of the free period to see if Philo is the right live TV streaming service for them. What’s more signing up for the free trial is a quick and easy process.


Philo might not be as well known as some of the other live TV streaming services, but it might actually be a more suitable option for many individuals and households. While the channel selection is more limited, a subscription is considerably cheaper than many others, making it ideal for anyone looking to save on the cost of live TV.

There’s only one plan with a Philo subscription currently priced at $20 per month. For that monthly cost, subscribers get access to more than 60 live TV channels. This is in addition to an unlimited cloud DVR as well. Of course, whether Philo is the right service, will come down to whether the included channels are the right ones for the subscriber.


The standard Philo free trial

The standard Philo free trial is seven days. Philo tends not to offer any longer of a free trial, with seven days not only the standard, but largely the only option for watching for free. There can be exceptions to this rule, although they are few and far between. For example, as part of the winding down process, T-Mobile announced that TVision Vibe subscribers switching to Philo were offered an extended one-month free trial. Regardless of the length, signing up for a Philo free trial is pretty easy to do.

Like other live TV streaming services, Philo subscribers need an email address and a payment method to sign up. However, unlike other live TV services, Philo also offers consumers the option to sign up using just their phone number instead of an email address. Other than the payment method, the phone number is all that’s needed, making signing up to a Philo free trial incredibly quick and easy.

Once a phone number of email address and payment method has been added, Philo will either send a text message or email to the user with a link to confirm the phone number or email address. All the user then needs to do is click the link and then on the “Confirm sign-up” button to complete the sign up and start the seven-day free trial.

Don’t forget to cancel

While signing up to the seven-day Philo free trial is a quick and simple process, it is important to remember to cancel Philo if it proves not to be the right live TV service. As a payment method is required when signing up, automatic billing is in effect. In other words, once the free seven-day period has come to an end, subscribers will automatically be billed for the first month at the full rate.

Another benefit of Philo is the service allows new users to continue to watch live TV channels and recorded content for the remainder of the free trial, and even after canceling. Some live TV services will instantly end a subscription if it is canceled during the free period, but that’s not the case with Philo. The option to sign up and immediately cancel without losing access to the service makes trying Philo a risk-free option.


If opting to cancel the subscription before the free is due to end, then subscribers wishing to continue with the service as a paid subscriber will need to reactivate the subscription once again. This can be done through the “Reactivate your subscription” option found under the Account section of the settings.

Philo free trial summary

Philo’s standard free trial is seven days. Anyone who hasn’t signed up to a Philo free trial before is eligible for the full seven days and all that’s needed to sign up is either an email address or phone number along with a payment method. Philo makes the sign up process relatively simple, allowing new users to immediately join and start watching live TV.

Once started, the Philo free trial provides new users with unlimited access to the service this not only includes the ability to stream the more than 60 channels, but also access to the on demand content, as well as the option to record as many shows and movies as they want. Best of all, canceling a Philo free trial before the seven days is up won’t result in the subscription automatically ending, with Philo allowing users to continue streaming live TV for the full seven days.

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