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Peacock TV PlayStation 4 App Finally Available to Download

After technical difficulties and a short delay, Peacock Is now available on PS4.

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The Peacock TV PlayStation 4 app is finally available to download. While Peacock is still a new streaming service in general, the PS4 app had been expected to go live last week. Since then, users have been waiting for the opportunity to download Peacock on the PS4.

Peacock TV launched in the US on July 15 and the Sony PlayStation 4 support was supposed to go live as early as July 20. On July 21, the Peacock PS4 app page listing went live on the PlayStation store and some users were able to download the app. However, not long afterwards, the app was pulled again leaving PlayStation 4 owners with no option to download the app. At the time, communications from Peacock’s social media handles indicated there was an issue with the app.

Although late, the Peacock app is now available to download and install on the PS4. The PlayStation Store listing has been updated to reflect the availability. In addition, Peacock’s social media channels have also confirmed that the app is now available.

As a result, those now looking to stream Peacock on a PlayStation 4, can download the app either directly on their console or through the web version of the PlayStation Store.

Peacock’s three plans arrive on PS4

For those considering signing up to Peacock for the first time the service is available in three tiers. The cheapest is a free option that includes ads and provides access to a limited selection of content.

The middle option costs $5 per month, although Comcast Xfinity customers and Android device owners will likely be able to secure the service for free or on an extended free trial. Either way, the premium plan provides unlimited access to the content available through Peacock. However, ads are still included in the plan with the $10 per month premium plus available to those looking for an ad-free experience.

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