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Peacock Pre-Order Deals save 40% as Long as You Pay Annually

If you don’t mind paying for the year, then Peacock pre-order deals are worth considering.

NBC’s Peacock starts streaming on July 15 and ahead of that date, the service is offering interested parties the option to save 40-percent on the cost of a pre-order subscription and paying for the year ahead.


Peacock might be late to the game compared to the other streaming services, but Comcast and NBC will be counting on the cheap price point to be motivation enough to attract and maintain subscribers. For example, in addition to the free tier, the service plans to launch at $4.99 per month with the option to go ad-free for $9.99 per month.

In a bid to attract early subscribers, Peacock is now offering consumers the option to subscribe with 40-percent off what will be the usual annual cost of the Peacock Premium and Premium Ad-Free plans.


Peacock pre-order discounted prices:

  • Premium: $29.99 per year
  • Premium Ad-Free: $79.99 per year

Peacock monthly vs annual billing

The main caveat to be aware of is the need to commit to an annual subscription instead of a monthly one. For example, at $4.99 per month, one year’s worth of Peacock is going to cost $59.99. However, the company already offers a standard deduction (available at any time) to those who opt to be billed annually, bringing the cost down to $49.99. With the additional pre-order discount on top, the cost drops down to $29.99 for the 12 months – the equivalent to $2.49 per month.

Peacock ad-supported pre-order deal
Compared to $4.99 per month

While the discount is great for those who are already considering annual billing, monthly subscribers will have to weigh up (albeit, blindly) whether they feel like this is a streaming service that’s worthy of a 12-month subscription.

For those considering the ad-free version, the discounted cost jumps from $29.99 to $79.99 per year. This discounted price compares to the $9.99 per month cost over 12 months, as well as the $99.99 per year discounted price for annual billing.

Peacock ad-free pre-order deal
Compared to $9.99 per month

However, at $79.99 per year, that’s the equivalent to eight months of paying at the no-commitment and non-discounted monthly rate. While you are basically getting four months for free, that’s only if you maintain the subscription for the full twelve months. Those who test the service for a couple of months and decide it is not right for them would have been significantly better off paying monthly for the months they’ve used.


If you feel as though Peacock is a streaming service that you would expect to maintain a subscription for the first twelve months, then these pre-order discounts are worth considering. If not, then while the discounts are appealing, a monthly subscription might be the better option and especially for those contemplating the ad-free tier. Those planning on taking advantage of the discounted rates will need to pre-order by July 14 – the day before Peacock officially starts streaming.


By John Finn

John started Streaming Clarity to help consumers navigate the live TV streaming and subscription service landscape. John has been writing about technology and TV-related services and devices since 2014 and believes the best streaming approach is to bounce between services as needed. Contact John via email at or on Twitter

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