Paramount+ Subscribers Seeing Too Many Ads (Possible Fix)

Paramount+ ad-free subscribers should occasionally expect to see ads, but there is a possible fix for subscribers currently seeing too many.

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Paramount+ subscribers paying for an ad-free experience appear to be encountering ads. While it should be expected that even ad-free subscribers will occasionally see ads, the frequency and quantity of commercials reported seems to suggest there is a bigger problem with the service at the moment. Thankfully, there might also be a short-term workaround for those experiencing the problem.


Paramount+ is one of the newer services to arrive, considering it only launched this year, taking on the mantle from CBS All Access. The service offers two main plans with one of the fundamental differences being the inclusion of ads. Those happy to see ads can pay the reduced $4.99 per month rate, while those wanting a commercial-free experience will pay $9.99 per month.

In recent days, there has been an increased number of users reporting ads are not only being shown to ad-free customers, but in excessive amounts. In other words, ads are displayed as routinely as for ad-supported subscribers and last just as long. In addition to the complaints that have surfaced online, Streaming Clarity has also heard directly from a number of affected subscribers as well.


Further adding to the suggestion that there is a problem. Paramount+’s help account on Twitter has been responding to some of the complaints stating, “we appreciate your patience while we work on resolving this issue.” The responses also suggest a possible fix for the situation.

Possible fix for too many Paramount+ ads

While it remains to be seen what is exactly causing the issue, the problem could be related to the authentication of accounts. For example, those paying for the ad-free experience not being registered as ad-free, resulting in the serving of a ‘with ads’ streaming experience. As a way to establish the correct subscription level, the Paramount+ help account suggests resetting the app on a device. Specifically, the advice being given to subscribers is to completely sign out of the Paramount+ app on all devices, before restarting the device, relaunching the app and signing back in again. Although not mentioned by Paramount+ it may also be worthwhile for subscribers to clear the cache for the Paramount+ app as well, before restarting the device.

Whether the fix works for all subscribers, it does seem clear that there is an issue at the moment with Paramount+ serving more ads than it should to ad-free subscribers. At the same time, the company also appears to be aware of the issue and working on more of a long-term fix for the too many ads problem.

Source: Paramount+ Help (Twitter)

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I sent several emails and messages and so far no ads. I’ve been with all access CBS for about 15-20 yrs paying the no ads premium. I don’t care who purchased who or merge with whom don’t change my service. If I want to watch commercials I’ll watch YouTube tv, or Pluto, peacock. Which I do sometimes but not often.

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