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Why Paramount Plus Might Be Buffering And Potential Fixes

If too frequently experiencing buffering issues with Paramount+, there are some checks that can be performed to see if they fix the problem.

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It is possible that subscribers may occasionally encounter buffering issues with Paramount Plus. In fact, buffering issues can arise when watching any streaming service simply due to the nature of streaming content over an internet connection. However, if the buffering is happening too often and proving too problematic then it is worth trying to determine what might be causing the issue in the first place.


Paramount+ brings together shows and movies from multiple popular networks making it a good subscription for many individuals and households, but Paramount Plus is not without its issues. Even if a subscriber has an officially supported device, they may still run into performance and streaming-related problems, with a very common one being buffering.

All streaming services buffer videos to some degree as this makes it easier to watch episodes and movies without interruptions. However, sometimes buffering issues can become so bad that they are actually the cause of interruptions. If frequent and aggressive enough, the disruptions can ruin the experience and even put a subscriber off using the service altogether. There could be a few reasons why buffering is proving a problem for an individual or household with the actual internet connection one of the possible causes.


If Paramount Plus subscribers are encountering streaming issues due to buffering then it is worth making sure there are no problems with the internet connection before checking anything else. To be honest, this probably won’t be the issue. If the internet was the problem, the user would most likely encounter similar buffering issues with other streaming apps as well. Still, it is always worth checking to rule it out as a cause. Officially, Paramount+ requires an internet connection of at least 4 Mbps, and there are multiple speed test services available online which can help to determine the speed a device is getting. If it is too low, then the problem may be with the internet connection, even if other apps seem to work fine.

The device could be the issue

It is possible that the device being used to watch Paramount+ is causing a buffering issue. Specifically, the Paramount+ app for that device. To be clear there have been multiple reports of users experiencing the problem on different devices, but the frequency of reports seems to be somewhat higher with certain devices, including PlayStation 4 consoles, smart TVs and Amazon’s Fire TV Stick.

This does not mean that any of these devices are guaranteed to encounter buffering issues. However, if using one of them and buffering is a problem, it is possible that the issue is with the Paramount+ app installed on the device. One quick thing to check is if there is an update available for the app and applying it. If not, closing the app, clearing the cache, and re-launching the app again might help. If that doesn’t fix the buffering, it may also be worth uninstalling the app and reinstalling a fresh version to see if that improves the buffering situation.

Of course, trying to access Paramount+ on a totally different device is also a possibility, and a good one. Although this might be inconvenient, it is a good way to rule out issues with the home internet and Paramount+ itself. For example, if encountering too much buffering when watching on a smart TV, but a streaming player, smartphone, or desktop works fine, the subscriber can probably assume the issue is with the original device or the app installed on the device. In this case, and if the app reinstalling doesn’t work, it might just be better to use a different device to watch Paramount+.

Ads could also be a reason

It is quite difficult to say definitively that any one thing is the reason, as buffering can be caused by a number of factors. For example, and as already discussed, the internet connection and/or the device could be the cause of the problem. However, there are other reasons why an individual may encounter buffering, including ad blockers and even ads.


Paramount+ has a pretty aggressive stance against things like ad blockers. After all, it is an ad-supported service. While there is also an ad-free option available, even ad-free Paramount+ subscribers may still occasionally encounter ads. The main point here is that Paramount+ does check if an ad blocker is present. These checks, as well as the moments when an ad might otherwise be inserted, could potentially be causing buffering issues. To be clear, there isn’t an official suggestion that ads are linked to buffering issues, but the possibility remains nonetheless.

In principle, if using an ad blocker, Paramount+ should automatically stop videos from playing. However, if the video plays, it may result in streaming issues including buffering. Obviously, a fix to this situation would be to simple disable or remove the ad blocker. If no ad blocker is in use, but the subscriber is signed up to the ad-free plan, the issue could be related to the various checks that the ad-free version makes. In this case, it could be worth downgrading to the ad-supported plan to see if there’s any improvement. Although, those subscribers would then need to sit through ad breaks instead of the buffering periods.

Paramount+ buffering summary

There are many reasons why a Paramount+ subscriber might be encountering buffering issues, but some possibilities are more likely than others. As is the case with any streaming service, if the internet connection is too slow then the possibility of buffering issues is increased. Therefore, checking the internet with a speed test, restarting the router if needed, and checking whether buffering problems are present with other services, can all help to determine whether the quality of the internet connection is sufficient. Alternatively, the device could be the issue.

While other subscribers may be using the same device and not encountering streaming problems, the app could still be an issue. The easiest way to verify this is by streaming Paramount+ on another supported device. If there are no buffering issues on a different device, then the problem can be traced back to the original device. Lastly, the plan itself might also be causing the problem. Whether on the ad-supported or ad-free Paramount+ plan, switching to the other option might be worth trying to see if there’s any difference. Of course, this will result in ad-supported subscribers paying more, or ad-free subscribers having to sit through ads, but it may still be worth it if the buffering problem is currently making Paramount+ videos unwatchable.

By John Finn

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37 replies on “Why Paramount Plus Might Be Buffering And Potential Fixes”


paramount plus should refund the subscription amount if it simple works with out ads and doesn’t work with the lower subscription price with ads.

Same here. I pay for the ad-free and everything works well EXCEPT live with adds! Same on all tvs. I have a great internet service so the problem is with paramount +. I shouldn’t have to downgrade my app to watch live tv when ads are a part of watching live tv. Paramount needs to fix this instead of making excuses!

Same here and they don’t answer emails
I’ve spent hours on phone just for them to answer and tell me I would get a technical email. Never heard from them.

Trying to watch football playoffs and buffering on and off all night. Cleared cache. Reinstalled app. Did everything their troubleshooting recommends. Nothing is helping. Even shut down firestick and restarted. Super frustrating. May have to cancel if nothing improves.

According to the Paramount+ site, “Samsung TV is supported on: Tizen operating system ( 2017 models and newer).”

Older models appear to be INCOMPATIBLE. It seems true, as Paramount + seems to work on our 2017 TV but not the older Samsung model.

I would like to lower the bitrate I receive from Paramount+. Using your instructions online, I can not control the Rate as it only offers CC and languages. I am in an RV and stuck with the WiFi in the RV camp for my use. Netflix works great, YOUTUBE movies are fine. It all comes down to the Paramount+ Bitrate I receive from you. Simple, the system can’t handle it. How do I change it?

Simple solution. Just wait until 1883 is over and cancel your Paramount subscription. Blaming it on All Streaming Services have this problem show complete ignorance since all service Do Not have this problem. Also all services don’t disable fast forward and rewind. Why would you disable rewind, if the customer rewinds you can push more commercials.

This is ridiculous. Absolutely NONE of my other apps buffer. Paramount + buffers constantly. I’ve tried everything sites tell me to do and still no fix. I will be canceling. Shouldn’t have to pay for faulty service.

This app is garbage…constantly have to reset it…constantly buffering…Netflix, Hulu, ESPN+, Disney+, all work fine on my TVs and phone…to say all apps have these issues is complete nonsense…do your jobs and fix your app…how dare you charge money for a product that’s this terrible

Agree! I do not have the ad-free version. All the ads play just fine, then when it’s time for the actual program to begin, suddenly there’s an error message. If I go back out and resume, I have to watch the ads all over again, just to get another error message.

my issues only persist when watching live tv (football games) through the Paramount app on my 4k firestick, no issues at ll with other firestick 8n the same home…def an issue with 4k firestick and love tv through Paramount+

Agreed. So frustrating to try and use the service for what it’s intended to be used for. I pay $9.99 a month in an attempt to catch an NFL game…nice try! I’m constantly trying to refresh the page. Don’t even bother using the app,it has never worked for me.

Paramount+ is so disappointing with all its bugs. I would have canceled the first day were it not for 1883. Constant lag & non-responsive movement to remote control entries. Always with the Error “Something went wrong”. I am so done with it. A source of frustration noone needs in life. All other services, NetFlix, HuLu, HboMax, Prime Video, YouTube have seamless consistent streaming from all my devices. This is a Paramount+ problem not an internet speed nor an app or device issue. All monies should be refunded to all customers until you can provide a decent experience. A rip off which shouldn’t be tolerated by consumers.

Paramount + is crap. None of my other streaming services buffer. (Hulu, HBO Max, NetFlix, Amazon Prime) I will be canceling Paramount before the free month ends.

Constant error messages and screen freeezes. A minute goes by and commercials come on. Then back to the freeze followed by more commercials. Every once in a while I actually get part of an episode to play til the next commercial. We try to watch three series primarily. 1883, mayor of Kingstown, and Coyote. Only reason I subscribed to the channel. It’s a mess. We use our living room tv. I can watch all three with no problems on my I Pad.

I pay for the $4.99 a month service and every time a commercial comes on it goes into never ending buffer mode. Then starts at the beginning saying I never watched anything. If it weren’t for 1883 I would have already canceled. Waste of time!

Taylor Sheridan, move your shows off this crappy Paramount+ and have them on a normal channel! I’ll be cancelling this awful service ASAP.

Trying to watch 1883 on tv and all I get is error loading message. Tried all the methods available to improve service but to no avail. I can get it easily on my mobile.

I have paramount +limited. I have 1 gig internet streaming, it will not work wirelessly. I have a Samsung TV, Vizio, Hisense, Xbox, the app won’t live stream. It says live streaming not available in my area. I live in Ft. Myers Florida not the middle of no where. So frustrated with this service. Sadly it’s the only one that has the shows I want to watch, but never can

Paramount Plus on Samsung tv football or live news broadcasts are constantly going in and out of blurriness. Non live shows are fine. I am getting seriously tired of the live issue.

I completely agree with all the folk who are having issues with Paramount Plus. we’ve had problems from day 1. The only reason I haven’t cancelled is because my Wife watches some of the Live TV shows. I’m personnally so frustrated and sick of the buffering issues; freezing up; etc. just Horrible; horrible.

I’ve been with Paramount + since March 2021 and never had an issue until Thanksgiving day. I can’t watch live tv anymore. It buffers constantly. Whether I’m on Firestick, Roku or Samsung tv directly. (And my tvs are 2020) It never buffers with CBS demand shows. Never buffers with any other apps. I’ve done all the troubleshooting and nothing fixes it. This is BS!!! Paramount needs to handle this

Me too I’ve tried everything. I can’t believe such a high advertised streaming service can’t fix all these problems. I’m ready to say bye byebye.

I’ve been to a few hog shows and a couple of rodeos, but I ain’t never seen no [removed] like this before.
Paramount sucks so bad, they don’t even need gravity.

This article is a joke.

We all know how to stream – this isn’t a problem of outdated technology, full cache, slow wifi, etc.

Paramount+ is basically unwatchable because THEY made a bad product. I’ve just canceled my subscription, will try a trial in a few months to see if it’s fixed. Otherwise we shouldn’t be supporting this type of product.

I believe its “+” frustration! Same issues as everyone else. Just purchased an annual subscription and the shows keep stopping with 6 seconds left on the ads that are playing. I’ve watched 1000 more ads than I should have. Reset everything, followed all of the “fixes” and it continues to happen. Could be opening ads, could be ad breaks within the show. Other times it acts like it is going to start playing but gives the “Unfortunately, an error occurred…” No issues with any of my other apps, just Paramount +. Am canceling my subscription.

Taylor Sheridan is far to superior of a writer to have this as his only viewing offered. Paramount has some excellent shows. But impossible to have a good experience TRYING to watch… all the while paying for it!!

This buffering issue is recent, just the past 3 weeks. Before then I had no buffering issues. Also, I notice it is MUCH worse in the evenings. I use a Firestick normally, but because of this issue, I tried streaming on my laptop AND had no problems! So, I have been streaming on my laptop and casting to my TV. (Also tried my phone, it streams fine, and I can cast from it with no issues.) So, does this mean the app just has a problem with Firestick? or is it other streaming sticks?

We purchased Paramount plus services and it worked well in December. January, nearly a month now all we get is buffering. I want my money back for the month of January. It would be the right thing to do along with taking responsibility for their tech issues.

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