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NVIDIA SHIELD TV’s Latest Update Makes the Remote Even Better

The latest SHIELD TV update is now rolling out, with plenty of new features.

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Ignoring the tube design, one of the major changes with the latest NVIDIA SHIELD TV devices was the new and improved remote. Now, with the company’s latest SHIELD TV update that’s currently rolling out, the remote is getting even better, thanks to greater customization options.

The new SHIELD Remote not only came with an improved design, but it also boasted better features, making it feel more like an actual remote. One of those features was the customization button. Essentially, the button could be programmed to do any one of a select number of tasks set by the user, including taking a screenshot or activating the AI-powered upscaling demo.

With SHIELD Software Experience Upgrade 8.2, NVIDIA’s 25th update for the Android TV devices, the remote is getting an upgrade of its own that should massively improve the overall experience. While the remote could previously have an action assigned to the custom button, and that action accomplished with a simple press, NVIDIA has adding the option to double-press and long-press the button as well.


As a result, SHIELD TV owners will now be able to program three different actions to the button, with the choice of actions extended to over 25 – conveniently tallying with this being the 25th upgrade.

Another of the confirmed remote improvements relates to IR and CEC volume control support, with the option to now adjust the volume when the Android TV device is in sleep mode. This is in addition to support when used with digital projectors, as well as the added ability to change inputs on other devices, including TVs and soundbars.

Upscaling also improved with latest update

As is to be expected with NVIDIA, the greater customization and third-party volume control support are not the only upgrades included in the update. Those who like the AI-powered upscaling, will be happy to know that the company is expanding UHD 4K upscaling support to include 360p and 1440p content. While those with a 2019 SHIELD TV Pro will additionally benefit from upscaling support for 60fps content.

Furthermore, NVIDIA also says that once an update rolls out to the Games app, users will be able to benefit from 4K 60fps upscaling to GeForce NOW.

Closing out the list of improvements is native SMBv3 support (no Plex media server needed) and the ability to match the frame rate of displayed content on the 2015 and 2017 SHIELD TV devices.

Source: NVIDIA

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