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Netflix No Longer Offers a Free Trial to New Subscribers

If you want to give Netflix a try, you’ll now have to pay in advance.

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Netflix no longer offers new subscribers in the United States the option of a free trial. This marks a major departure from the typical approach of letting consumers try a service before having to pay. It likely also represents just how essential Netflix has become to streamers.


Netflix as a streaming service has been around for some time and over the years it has built up quite the U.S. and worldwide user base. Those who are not signed up to the service will at the very least, be aware of it. However, with so many maintaining their subscriptions and the service routinely added millions of additional users each year, it might not be surprising that the Netflix no longer views free trials as important as before.

Netflix did not announce the end of the free trials and it remains to be seen exactly when the free trials came to an end. However, the company is no longer advertising a free trial on the website, and its help section has been updated to confirm that free trials are not available.


A sign of things to come?

Free trials remain an important feature in streaming. Arguably, with the continual increase in the number of streaming services available, free trials have never been any more important. After all, paying to try each service will quickly become frustrating and costly. Therefore, having the option to check out a service for one week or one month provides a safer way for consumers to see if a service is right for them and can act as a gateway for services to get new users in the streaming door.

While it now seems as though Netflix no longer sees the importance or value in offering a grace period to consumers, it is unlikely that many other services will follow suit. Regardless, any homes now interested in giving Netflix a try will need to pay in advance and anywhere between $8.99 and $15.99, depending on the plan.

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