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Netflix Says If You Don’t Cancel Your Inactive Subscription, We Will

Netflix will now start cancelling inactive subscriptions if subscribers don’t confirm they want to keep them.

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Netflix is now making it even easier to cancel a subscription. In fact, so easy that some consumers won’t have to cancel at all. Netflix will do it for them.

Over the past few years, the average cost of the Netflix subscription has risen sharply. While the price of the basic Netflix plan has only increased $1 since late 2017, the standard plan – largely considered the plan most people subscribe to – encountered price rises from $9.99 to $12.99, during the same period. Likewise, the premium plan rose from $11.99 per month up to its current $15.99 per month. For subscribers who forget they have a subscription, or just don’t often watch a lot of Netflix, those rolling monthly costs can start to add up over time.

It is specifically those subscribers that Netflix is now looking to help with the company confirming that once an account remains inactive for a year, the company will reach out to the subscriber, either by email or in-app notification, asking them if they want to keep their subscription. Those who do will simply be able to confirm, while those who don’t respond at all to the notification will have their subscription automatically cancelled by the streaming service.

An interesting approach to keeping subscribers

With every quarter that passes, the emphasis is always on how many subscribers services like Netflix have gained. Due to this, it is not often the case that a service actively announces it will remove customers from its books.

Of course, Netflix has been one of the major beneficiaries during the COVID-19 outbreak with plenty of new subscribers, and the company also explained that the current number of inactive accounts totals “less than half of one percent of our overall member base.”

From a customer service point of view, it might just be good business for a company like Netflix to show that it is aware of current circumstances and is happy to help where possible.

We hope this new approach saves people some hard earned cash


Furthermore, Netflix added that its resigning up process is also fairly straightforward, with consumers having up to ten months to restart a subscription without losing access to favorites, profiles, and viewing preferences.

Therefore, not only is Netflix actively making it as easy as possible for inactive account holders to cancel their subscription, but it is also making it equally problem-free to sign back up again when ready.

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