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Hulu Live TV Free Trial: How Long & Options Explained

Before signing up to Hulu Live TV, here’s how the free trial works and how long you get.

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Hulu Live TV provides subscribers with a 7-day free trial. At the moment, this is the only option for those considering signing up to Hulu’s live TV streaming service. Unlike the basic Hulu subscription which offers an extended free trial, there’s no option for a 30-day Hulu live free trial. Although this is not a long free trial, it is a common length for live TV streaming.


Hulu Live TV is one of the more popular live TV streaming services in the United States and by all accounts, leads the market with more than four million subscribers. One of the likely reasons for its popularity is the amount of content that’s on offer, thanks to the inclusion of the basic Hulu subscription. This ‘Hulu + live’ combination allows subscribers to access all of basic Hulu’s content, including Originals, as well as all the content available through the live TV subscription.

While good value overall, Hulu Live TV still costs $64.99 per month and that is a lot of money to hand over without really knowing if this is the right service. As a result, a free trial is an important part of the live TV streaming service process, as it allows consumers an opportunity to test the service for free, and before having to commit to the monthly payment.


Hulu Live TV 7-day free trial

The standard Hulu Live TV free trial is approximately seven days. Furthermore, consumers are expected to provide billing details when first signing up and before the free trial has started. Once the seven days have come to an end, the subscriber will be automatically converted to a paid subscription and immediately billed the entire amount for the first month.

In spite of the free trial only being limited to seven days, Hulu does not place any restrictions on the consumer during that time. For example, subscribers not only have full and unlimited access to the live TV channels and content, as well as basic Hulu movies and shows, but also all of the other features Hulu offers, including cloud DVR, the option to stream on more than one device, and so on.

HUlu TV originals
Free trial pffers unlimited access, including Hulu Originals

In fact, subscribers can actually bundle services together and take advantage of the multiple free trials that each one offers. For example, Hulu live subscribers can add additional premium networks, including HBO Max, to their live TV subscription and pay just the one all-in price.

When signing up to the Hulu live free trial, new customers can also add any of these premium channels to their plan, and access them during the free trial without paying. It is worth noting that premium services tend to set their own free trial length, so while Hulu offers seven days, the premium add-ons could be shorter or longer, depending on the service.

Consumers who are still unsure of whether Hulu live is the right live TV streaming service for them will need to make sure they cancel their Hulu subscription before the free trial comes to an end to avoid being charged the full $64.99.

Hulu Live TV 30-day free trial

Hulu live does not provide access to a 30-day free trial. Unlike YouTube TV where select consumers can get the first month for free, there is currently no option for potential Hulu live TV subscribers to get the same. This is in spite of the basic Hulu subscription actually providing a one-month free trial to new customers.

Although a live TV subscription comes loaded with basic Hulu as well, the same month-long trial period offered with basic Hulu is not available to Hulu live subscribers. Instead, the 30-day free trial is only available to those signing up to basic Hulu without live TV.

Hulu live Marvel
Basic Hulu offers a longer free trial

In an ideal world, Hulu would provide live TV subscribers with the same free trial period as basic Hulu, as this extended time allows a real opportunity to make sure the service is right for them. However, there are no indications that Hulu will offer a 30-day live TV free trial anytime soon.

Hulu Live TV free trial summary

Hulu Live TV only offers a 7-day free trial. This is regardless of the subscriber’s location, devices, or how they sign up. Unlike YouTube TV, Hulu live tends not to offer an extended free trial and therefore, it is unlikely that waiting for a 14-day or 30-day free trial will be worth it. This is in spite of a basic Hulu subscription actually coming with a 30-day free trial to begin with.

While basic Hulu is included with a Hulu live subscription, the 30-day option only applies to those who are singing up to basic Hulu, without Hulu live. However, the 7-day Hulu live free trial comes without any additional restrictions or limitations, with free subscribers getting the same premium experience as paid Hulu live TV subscribers.

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