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fuboTV Simultaneous Streams: How Many Devices at the Same Time?

Knowing how many devices can stream fuboTV at the same time helps to avoid issues later.

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fuboTV allows subscribers to stream on up to two devices at the same time. However, that’s just the default position with most fuboTV subscribers likely to be eligible for more than two streams. In fact, most will already find fuboTV provides them with at least three simultaneous streams.


Having access to as many same-time streams as possible is almost as important as the price or the number of channels included with a live TV subscription. However, simultaneous streams are not discussed often enough, leading this to become one of the areas where consumers tend to find out the hard way – after they’ve signed up and are paying for a service.

Spending some time to get to know the simultaneous streams policy of a service like fuboTV can help to make sure that when it does come to signing up, you are signing up to the right service for your individual household’s needs.


fuboTV and its two same-time streams

Technically, fuboTV only provides access to two streams at the same time. This is the company’s current default position on streams and it is in relation to the service’s Standard and Latino plans. fuboTV currently prioritizes its Family and Elite packages and these are the plans that most new customers will end up with when signing up.

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As a result, if you are an existing fuboTV standard plan subscriber, then two streams are currently the limit without the help of an add-on. Otherwise, the two stream policy won’t apply to most new customers.

While the standard plan comes with two streams by default, the Family and Elite plans are more accommodating as they come with even more same-time streams. The fuboTV family plan features three simultaneous streams with an option to upgrade. In contrast, the Elite plan comes loaded with five simultaneous streams with no option to upgrade.

fuboTV simultaneous streams:

PlanStreamsPrice p/m

While each plan now offers its own custom number of streams, things are not that straightforward as it is not so much the plan that offers the streams, but the add-ons that fuboTV is bundling with the different plans.

fuboTV extra streams add-ons

fuboTV offers two main stream-related add-ons. Family Share and Family Share Max differ in terms of the price and the number of streams they add to a plan.

Family Share & Family Share Max summary:

Family Share$5.993
Family Share Max$9.995

While fuboTV subscribers can opt to include these add-ons with their subscription, this is where things get complicated as the main plans already include one of those add-ons. For example, the Standard plan doesn’t include any add-on and therefore only provides access to the two streams.

In contrast, the Family plan comes bundled with the Family Share add-on, boosting the number of streams to three. Likewise, the Elite plan comes bundled with the Family Share Max add-on, taking the number of streams to five.

Five streams with Family Share Max

A knock-on effect of this is that as the add-ons are already included in some plans, subscribers to those plans can’t automatically bundle an add-on to increase the number of streams.

For example, a Standard subscriber can add either the Family Share or Family Share Max add-on to their package. As the Family plan already includes Family Share, those subscribers can only add the Family Share Max add-on to their plan. While Elite subscribers have no route to upgrade due to this plan already coming loaded with the Family Share Max add-on.

What about when away from home?

Whether a subscriber is streaming live TV at home or away from home can also impact on the number of streams available. For example, while the Family Share Max add-on provides access to up to five devices at the same time, this is only when connected to the Home network. When away from home, that five drops down to two on-the-go streams.

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Regardless of whether an Elite subscriber or looking to upgrade a subscription with the Family Share Max add-on, the number of simultaneous streams available when away from home is considerably less than when at home.

fubotv away from home
Away from home affects streams

The maximum number of away from home streams that can be accessed at the same time is currently three. Furthermore, to get all three on-the-go streams, the subscriber would have to be paying for both the Family Share and Family Share Max add-ons.

fuboTV simultaneous streams summary

Overall, fuboTV has a generous, albeit confusing, same-time streams policy. Essentially, all fuboTV subscribers have access to at least two streams at the same time. Family subscribers get three streams at the same time, while Elite subscribers are gifted with the option to stream on up to five devices at the same time.

These stream numbers are not exclusive to the plan, but the add-ons included with the plan. As a result, the ability to add more streams to a plan will largely depend on which add-ons are already bundled with the existing plan. Furthermore, when watching away from home, the number of simultaneous streams will drop significantly, especially for Elite subscribers.

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