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Confirmed: Here Are the Sinclair Fox RSNs YouTube TV Has Lost

We now know exactly which RSNs are staying and which are gone.

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YouTube TV confirmed today that it had reached a deal with Sinclair Broadcast Group. However, the deal was not for all channels, and instead, subscribers were expected to lose access to some Fox RSNs.

This issue first surfaced on February 27 when YouTube TV announced it was unable to reach a deal with Sinclair. As a result, Fox RSNs were due to immediately be dropped from the channel lineup. However, before the channels were dropped, YouTube TV announced it was continuing to negotiate with Sinclair and subscribers would keep access to the affected channels while negotiations continued.

Earlier today, YouTube confirmed via social media that a deal had been reached, but not for all affected channels. In addition, YES Network also confirmed that it was one of the channels that had been dropped by the new deal. However, it remained unclear what other channels would remain available and which were gone.

19 Fox RSNs remaining on YouTube TV

Following the earlier reports, Sinclair has now issued its own statement providing a much clearer view of the situation. According to Sinclair, 19 of the 21 affected Fox RSNs will remain available thanks to the new deal.

Here are the channels now confirmed REMOVED from YouTube TV:

  • Fox Prime Ticket
  • Fox Sports West
  • YES Network

Here’s the Sinclair statement regarding these lost channels in full:

While the deal guarantees the OTT service will carry the vast majority of Sinclair’s RSNs, Prime Ticket and Fox Sports West will no longer be carried on YouTube TV effective March 5, 2020.

Source: Sinclair Broadcast Group

Sinclair explains that it is “disappointed” that YouTube TV has opted to not carry these channels. Adding, it offered the streaming service “competitive market terms’ ‘ but YouTube TV refused. Sinclair also stated:

We encourage YouTube TV subscribers who value these RSNs to turn to other streaming services or their local cable or satellite provider for continued access, or to directly contact YouTube TV with feedback.

Source: Sinclair Broadcast Group

As a result, it is expected this will finally bring a close to this chapter. Besides the channels listed above, the new deal is not expected to further impact on YouTube TV subscribers.

No further details on the terms of the deal were disclosed, including how long the deal is for.

Source: Sinclair

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