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3 Cheap Live TV Streaming Services Worth Paying For

Live TV streaming is getting more expensive, but there are some affordable services and here are three that are currently worth paying for.

Frndly TV, Philo and Sling TV are some of the cheapest live TV streaming services around. With the cost of a live TV subscription directly linked to the channels, the selection is often the biggest compromise with cheaper services. In spite of this, some may find that the cheapest live TV services provides access to the very channels they want the most, removing the need to pay more.


Sling TV, Hulu Live TV and YouTube TV are currently the most popular live TV streaming services in the United States, with each of these services providing live TV access to millions of subscribers. However, with the exception of Sling TV, the other two services are fairly expensive. For example, Hulu Live TV and YouTube TV currently cost $64.99 per month and both services have encountered multiple price increases over the last few years.

While live TV streaming prices have been on the rise in general, that doesn’t mean consumers need to or should pay the highest prices. In fact, live TV channels can be streamed over the internet for as little as $5.99 per month.


Frndly TV (from $5.99 per month)

Frndly TV channel guide

One of the best cheapest options for live TV streaming is Frndly TV. However, this is also one of the most limited, with the service currently providing access to 16 live TV channels.

Frndly TV is actually a service that’s very focused on family-friendly shows and movies, hence the name. Due to this, and providing the Frndly TV channel lineup is sufficient enough, it can be a highly affordable way for individuals and households to stream live TV channels that are suitable for all of the family.

While Frndly TV doesn’t provide any add-ons or options to expand the channel lineup, the service does offer more than one plan, with the upgraded packages either adding cloud DVR or expanding the number of recording hours. Regardless of the plan, Frndly TV maintains an emphasis on price, considering the most expensive plan costs just $9.99 per month.

Philo TV ($20 per month)

Philo live TV channel guide
Philo channel guide

At $20 per month, Philo is twice the price of the most expensive Frndly TV package. However, it does come with considerably more channels. In total Philo offers access to no fewer than 60 channels, making it a good option for those individuals and households that want access to as many live TV networks and channels as possible.

Another cost benefit with Philo is that it doesn’t really offer any other plans. Due to this, all subscribers get access to the full Philo experience for the same low price. For reference, this not only means access to on demand content and a cloud DVR, but also no restrictions on the number of hours. While Philo subscribers can record as many shows, movies, and channels as they want, they will need to watch recordings within 30 days.

Where Philo may prove less appealing to some consumers is in the channel selection. In spite of providing access to a greater number of channels, it is missing some popular ones. Again, this is a result of the price, with the most popular networks typically costing the most money. Still, at $20 per month, and with more than 60 channels to watch, it’s a good option to consider.

Sling TV (from $35 per month)

Sling Tv channel guide
Sling TV channel guide

For those that find the Philo live TV channel lineup is missing their favorite channels, there’s Sling TV. Technically Sling TV comes with fewer channels than Philo, but the channel selection is more focused on the ones that many households will be interested in. Due to this, it can be a better option for some individuals and households.

Sling TV offers two main plans, Sling Orange and Sling Blue, but there’s no difference in the price. With both of Sling’s main plans currently costing $35 per month, the main difference is the channel lineups. Those mostly interested in news and entertainment, as well as the widest selection of channels possible, Sling Blue is going to be the better option. In contrast, those more interested in sports and family content may find Sling Orange to be the right choice.

Another benefit of Sling TV is the add-ons and extra. Sling provides multiple ways for subscribers to upgrade their live TV package, including choosing from a variety of channels packs. While these do add to the additional monthly cost, they put control in the hands of the subscriber. For example, those who want access to additional news or entertainment channels, can just add them at a minimal cost, instead of having to upgrade to another plan where they may end up paying for channels they do not want.

Cheapest live TV services summary

The cost of live TV streaming is increasing and that’s unlikely to change anytime soon, considering the way the market has been trending in recent years. However, services like Frndly TV, Philo and Sling TV provide an affordable way to watch live TV. These services do tend to compromise in some way, but with plans starting from as low as $5.99 per month, they can be a good option for any individual or household that wants access to live TV without having to spend the highest prices.

In reality, choosing the right live TV service shouldn’t come down to how many channels a plan offers, but how suitable the channel lineup is. If Frndly TV, Philo or Sling TV meets your individual or household’s channel needs, then there’s no reason to pay for a more expensive service.

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