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How to Cancel Sling TV or Temporarily Pause a Subscription

It is easy to cancel Sling TV although some subscribers may find pausing a subscription is the better choice.

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It is fairly easy to cancel a Sling TV subscription although many subscribers may benefit more from pausing their membership. Either way, both cancelling and pausing will remove the monthly payment without committing the subscriber to rejoining again. There are some differences between a cancelled and paused Sling TV subscription, so choosing the right option will depend on a variety of factors.


Sling TV is a great choice for those who want to continue accessing live TV, but don’t want to pay as high of a monthly rate as some of the other services charge. For example, while most of the other major live TV streaming services start at $50 or higher, a Sling TV subscription can be picked up from as little as $30 per month.

In spite of its low cost, some Sling TV subscribers may find the channel lineup to be too limiting. Alternatively, if they expand the channels through the Sling Total TV Deal, they may find the different in price (compared to other services) means it is no longer worth sticking with Sling TV. Regardless of the reason, here’s how to cancel a Sling TV subscription.


How to cancel Sling TV

Cancelling Sling TV takes a matter of seconds and can typically be done on mobile or a computer, although it cannot be done through any of the platform apps.

cancel Sling TV instructions
Source: Sling

Instead, subscribers will need to access the cancel option through a web browser.

Sling TV cancel instructions:

  1. Head to the Sling TV website
  2. Use the “Sign in” option in the top-right corner to log in
  3. Tap or click on the cog icon in the top-right corner
  4. Select “Manage Account”
  5. Select “Cancel Subscription”
  6. Follow the on-screen instructions to confirm

Why Pausing Sling TV might be best

Although Sling TV subscribers can easily cancel a subscription and should do if they feel that’s the right option for them, Sling TV does offer the choice to pause a subscription instead, and this may suit a number of subscribers better.

In a paused state, a Sling TV subscriber is no longer billed for the service and therefore, won’t receive any more monthly bills. Of course, they also won’t have access to the service, but that’s to be expected if they are not paying for it.


Essentially, subscribers can shut down their subscription, but still keep all of their settings and preferences in place. At present, Sling TV allows for a subscription to be paused for either one, two, or three months. This could prove to be a better solution for anyone who just wants to take a break from Sling TV payments, or even those who want to try out a different live TV streaming service, but not continue to pay for both in the meantime.

Pause Sling TV instructions
Source: Sling

Actually pausing a Sling TV subscription is not any more difficult to do than cancelling.

How to pause a Sling TV subscription:

  1. Head to the Sling TV website
  2. Use the “Sign in” option in the top-right corner to log in
  3. Tap or click on the cog icon in the top-right corner
  4. Select “Manage Account”
  5. Select “Pause Subscription”
  6. Choose pause length (1, 2 or 3 months)
  7. Select Next
  8. Follow the on-screen instructions to confirm

Things to be aware of before pausing

If the option to pause a subscription sounds appealing, there are some things to be aware of. The first is that not all subscribers are entitled to pause a Sling TV subscription. While the majority will be, those taking advantage of certain promotional benefits might not be.

Examples of these promotional customers include those on a prepay bundle, an annual plan, and those still in the midst of a free trial. In addition, the option to pause is also suspended for the following:

  • Subscribers using gift cards as payment
  • Those subscribing through a device (excluding Roku)
  • Those subscribing through an affiliate retail partner
  • Subscribers using Amazon Pay as their payment option

Another caveat to be aware of is that although a subscription is paused, it is not indefinitely on hold. Instead, subscribers have to pick the duration of the pause and unless cancelled during that time, the subscription will automatically start back up again once the pause duration has come to an end. This is important to note as it does mean that once the one, two, or three-month period is over, the consumer will automatically be billed again for the next month.

Therefore, while the pausing option can be a great solution for some, it does come with an element of responsibility, due to the subscriber expected to either pick back up the service again or actively cancel it before the pause status is lifted.

Cancel or pause Sling TV summary

Sling TV makes it easy to either cancel or pause a live TV subscription. While subscriptions cannot be paused or cancelled through any of the Sling TV apps, current subscribers can pick either option by accessing the ‘Manage Account’ section on the Sling TV website. For those who want to temporarily stop the Sling TV monthly payments, or take some time to try another service, the pause option might be the better solution.

Regardless of which option is taken, once cancelled or paused, subscribers still retain access to Sling TV for the remainder of the current billing cycle. Those who choose to pause will want to make a note of when the pause status is due to be lifted to avoid subscription payments starting up again, if they no longer want to continue with Sling TV.

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