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How to Cancel a Peacock Streaming Subscription

If Peacock is not for you then here is how you can cancel your subscription.

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NBC’s Peacock is one of the newer streaming services you can subscribe to. However, if you have already tested it out and no longer feel it is right for you, then here’s an explanation on how to make changes to a Peacock account, including how to completely cancel a paid subscription.


Peacock soft launched on April 15, 2020 for Comcast Xfinity customers with the full nationwide launch taking place on July 15. The streaming service brings together originals, movies, TV shows, and more from NBCUniversal and costs $4.99 per month for the ad-supported version. Subscribers can upgrade to a the Premium Plus ad-free version for $5 more, bringing the monthly cost to $9.99 per month. The exception to this is Comcast customers who receive the ad-supported version for free and can upgrade to the ad-free experience for just $5 per month.

While Peacock makes it fairly easy to sign up to the service, the options to cancel a subscription are a little more hidden, although they are there if you know where to look. Firstly, if you just want to make changes to your account, such as upgrading to the premium ad-free version, or downgrading to the ad-supported version, then here’s how to do it.


How to make changes to Peacock subscription

Making changes to your Peacock account is currently not possible through the TV app. Instead, current subscribers will need to make changes through the service’s main website.

This can be done by following these instructions:

  1. Visit Peacock website
  2. Sign in
  3. Click on the profile icon in the top-right corner
  4. Click on “Change Plan” in the “Your Plan” section

From here, subscribers will then be able to make various changes to their Peacock subscription, including upgrading or downgrading from the Premium or Premium Plus plan, and changing billing information.

How to cancel Peacock subscription

Following the same general instructions above will also allow you to cancel your peacock subscription.

Here are the exact navigation instructions:

  1. Visit Peacock website
  2. Sign in
  3. Click on the profile icon in the top-right corner
  4. Select “My Account”
  5. Go to “Plans & Payments” and scroll down.
  6. Click on “Cancel plan.”

If the option to cancel the plan is not shown then there is another way to cancel your subscription and that’s directly through the website’s help section.

  1. Visit the Peacock help section
  2. Click on “Plans & Payments”
  3. Click on “Cancel Plan”
  4. Confirm “Cancel”
  5. Sign in (if not already signed in)
  6. Follow the on-page instructions to finish the cancellation process.

Alternatively, Peacock subscribers can use the button below to go directly to the “Cancel Plan” page and follow the above instructions from step 4.

Peacock subscription changes: Xfinity customers

Xfinity Peacock subscribers
Select Xfinity customers get Peacock Premium for free

Generally speaking, the instructions above should work regardless of whether you are a Comcast Xfinity customer or not. However, as these customers are not charged for the ad-supported version, they may find they still retain access to the ad-supported version, even after cancelling. For example, those subscribers might find the cancel instructions above only results in a paid Premium+ subscription being canceled.

While it might not be convenient for those who have no intention of using the service in the future, Peacock does point out that there are no costs involved and so having the access is not going to impact on your monthly bill.

If you are an eligible Xfinity customer, you will still have access to Peacock Premium at no additional cost.


If you are unable to cancel the free subscription then it is worth checking to make sure you are not being charged anything for Peacock.

Instructions to check for Peacock charges on your account:

  1. Visit Peacock website
  2. Click on the profile icon in the top right-corner
  3. Select “Sign In”
  4. Click on the profile icon again
  5. Select “Plans & Payment”
  6. Click “View Payment History”

How often do you watch Peacock?

One of the benefits of Peacock, or any streaming service for that matter, is they are no-contract and no-obligation services. Viewers remain subscribers on a monthly basis and pay up front for the month ahead. Therefore, not only can subscribers to any service, including Peacock, cancel their subscription at any time without penalties, and retain access for the remainder of the current billing cycle, but they can also restart the subscription again whenever they like.

Due to this, and regardless of whether you like the Peacock streaming service or not, if you are paying for a subscription and find you are not using the streaming service often enough, then it is worth considering cancelling the subscription for now and using those funds on a service you will watch. In this sense, you can view the cancellation as more of a pausing of Peacock, until you are ready to watch again.

Applying this pausing approach to any active subscriptions you have will ensure you are only paying for the services you are watching.

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We joined Peacock via television on June 14, 2020. When it talked about terms and conditions, we could not find them. So, we went ahead and joined. Now, one day later we want to cancel completely. I am having great difficulty in accomplishing cancelling our account. All we did was put in our email vis television. We thought free meant free, but we can afford to join Peacock. Please advise us what to do. Thank you.

Are you sure you are being charged for Peacock? If you signed up through your TV, then it should be free unless you opted for the ad-free version.

Either way, you should be able to cancel (or downgrade to the free version) using the instructions above and going through the Peacock website.

Boy I dont want this to happen to me, I cancelled premium ect on my smart phone because after I signed up and they took 1,00 three times I couldnt go ahead and watch it on tv on my streaming, had to keep downloading app no customer service I cant be bothered

Hello. I have been trying to cancel my peacock account but finding it very difficult. Will you please please please cancel or tell me how to cancel my account. Thanks

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