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AT&T WatchTV No Longer Available, but Existing Subscribers Can Still Stream

Over the years, AT&T WatchTV didn’t increase or decrease in price. In fact, it didn’t change at all.

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AT&T WatchTV is no longer available to new subscribers, bringing an end to the low-cost live TV streaming service as an option open to consumers. However, existing subscribers or those eligible through an alternative AT&T service can continue to access and stream WatchTV.

AT&T launched the WatchTV service in June 2018, priced at just $15 per month. In spite of the low cost, the service offered access to 35 live TV channels. In the two years that followed, WatchTV did not go through any meaningful changes and instead continued to offer the same channel lineup, at the same price, and with no additional or new features.

Within the last few days, AT&T has decided to close the WatchTV doors to new subscribers. Instead of highlighting the service, the landing page now simply displays a message confirming the service is no longer publicly available. In spite of this, WatchTV remains accessible to those who already have an active subscription, or those who are entitled to use the service for free through an associated AT&T service.

Here’s the AT&T WatchTV message in full:

Standalone WatchTV is no longer available for new sign ups or to re-subscribe. Existing WatchTV customers who subscribe to the app or have a qualifying AT&T Unlimited plan can continue to use the service. Customers on a qualifying AT&T Unlimited plan with the WatchTV benefit can create an account here.

AT&T WatchTV

Another live TV option fades away

2020 has proven to be an interesting year for the live TV streaming market. As soon as the year started, PlayStation Vue closed down, becoming the first major casualty of the year. Since then fuboTV and YouTube TV have both announced price increases and are now two of the most expensive options for those looking for a base package.

2020 was also the year when AT&T decided to lower the price of its AT&T TV NOW Plus plan to $50 per month. While this was an extremely unusual move for AT&T, it wasn’t totally innocent, considering the price decrease also resulted in the removal of HBO, and right before HBO Max was due to launch.

With AT&T also having now effectively closed down WatchTV to new subscribers, 2020 has taken its toll once again, with another of the live TV streaming options gone.

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