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For Once, AT&T TV NOW Price Has Gone Down, Albeit at a Cost of HBO

As is often the case with AT&T, the price drop is not just as simple as cheaper prices.

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AT&T TV NOW has dropped the price of its cheapest plan but the price reduction does not automatically result in better value, due to the simultaneous removal of HBO. The change only affects the “Plus” plan with the “Max” package remaining unchanged.


Generally speaking, AT&T TV prices only go in one direction, up. The service has undergone a number of price rises over the last couple of years with the most recent landing in November, resulting in the entry-level plan increasing to $65 per month. As a way of compensating for the price rise, the entry-level Plus plan did include HBO at no additional cost.

However, AT&T has now adjusted its Plus plan once again by bringing the cost down to $55 per month. This lower price directly comes at the expense of HBO which has now been removed as a bundled channel. Instead, AT&T is now offering HBO as an optional add-on priced at $10 per month. In other words, those who want to pay $65 for AT&T TV Now with HBO can, while those who don’t want HBO can pay the lower $55 per month rate. The Max plan remains unchanged, priced at $80 per month, and bundled with HBO and Cinemax.


Rare AT&T TV NOW price drop

While AT&T’s TV plan prices don’t normally go down, the service has found itself in a unique position considering it has lost a significant number of subscribers over the past year. Undoubtedly, one of the reasons was the escalating prices, although the price hikes were also accompanied by a reduction in channels, resulting in a package that cost more while providing less than ever before.

Although AT&T appeared content with the number of subscribers leaving (due to it prioritizing higher-value customers), the number of existing customers is likely to have taken a toll on what was once one of the most subscribed-to services. Furthermore, right now, streaming services in general appear to be doing well due to the lockdown orders placed on many states as a result of the coronavirus outbreak.

Whether the exiting subscribers, and the allure of gaining subscribers that are actively looking for content to stream while at home, were definite reasons for the AT&T TV NOW price drop, it is rare move by AT&T and one that does offer consumers better pricing than before – even if the value has also decreased.

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